Complete Guide To Forex Course


The spectacular course we have designed here at Alpha is something special. The team have specially sculptured the curriculum to meet everyone's needs to succeed within Forex. If you are interested in becoming a master and are ready to start seeing results within your trades, then our course is perfect for you.


The Complete Guide to Forex 
The financial markets are complex and can be difficult to understand, if you do not have the correct knowledge. We believe in braking things down step by step into manageable pieces, this allows a once large topic to seem simple. The course and community are designed to give ongoing support to aid traders in their career.  Not only do we teach you the necessary tools you need to become successful, we make sure you know how to implement these tools correctly.


Our goal is to lay the solid foundation that every trader needs. Whether you are advanced or just starting your journey the 'Complete Guide To Forex' course takes you through everything you need to know about trading, from the very basics to the more advanced trading techniques and concepts. In the final part of the course you will learn the three strategies we use on a daily basis.

All of our video education also comes in written format in the "Technical Analysis Guide", this will serve as your trading hand book. 

Course Contents
The Fundamental's To Forex Series;
What is forex.
Who controls the movement of price.
Why we use chart patterns in our trading.

Why we use indicators in our trading.

Utilizing the law of probability.

Sticking to the 1% risk.

What not to do.

How to backtest.


Scaling in.​


Module 1 'The Basic's'

Introduction to Alpha How to setup Tradingview.

What are pips.

The pairs and session times.

What are stop losses and take profits.

Trade and risk management.

Candlestick charts & timeframes.

Buy and sell orders Different types of trading.


Module 2 'Getting Technical'

Trading the news.

Trendlines & counter trendlines.

Support & Resistance.


Moving averages.

Oscillators & momentum indicators.

Chart patterns.

Advanced risk management.


Module 3 'Getting Technical Part 2'

Market phase theory.

Smaller time frame patterns.

Candlestick formations.

Key level placement.

The ATR.

Building up confirmations.


Module 4 'Trading & Backtesting'​

Charting up from scratch.

Backtesting the indicators. 

Corrective and Impulsive phases. 


Smart money concepts. 



Module 5 'The Full System'​

Spotting the stop hunt.


The order flow strategy (4 part series)

The 4hr B & R strategy (4 part series)

The 1.30 US open strategy (4 part series)

Complete Guide To Forex Course



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