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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Are you going stir crazy stuck in quarantine?

Or are you capitalising on all the spare time you suddenly have?

Whatever you're up to, be sure to enter our competition below!


Whatever stage you're in we've decided to add a bit of excitement to everyone's week, with our own COMPETITION.



One months FREE mentorship

Worth £75, this free month would be perfect for anyone looking to level up their trading.

Whether you are a well versed trader or a newbie - we can help you reach the next stage of your trading career.


Receive FREE trade alerts you can apply to YOUR trading, for one whole month

Get tips and alerts from the top with our FREE month of trade alerts.


Get yourself added to our traders COMMUNITY

Find yourself in our community chat, where you'll be surrounded by experienced traders and get insights into some tips and tricks from the TOP.


How to enter...

1. Like our Facebook or Instagram Page (make sure you do, we'll be checking).

2. Comment a photo of YOUR best trade so far within Lockdown.

3. Tag 2 of your trader mates in the post (if you don't have any, tag two mates you think might be interested in a FREE month of learning to trade).

You don't have to be part of the Alpha family, you just have to be a trader and willing to put yourself in the frame for some prizes!


Closing Time

Saturday 24th April @ 19:00pm


Quash some of your boredom and get involved...

You Know What To Do

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