Our Community Passes

Your Community Passes Contain;

  • Access To Our Slack Workspace; 
    In this group our mentors and full time traders post daily chart and video analysis, daily vlogs, daily news events and their own personal trade entries. 


  • Two Weekly Workshops;
    Every Sunday and Wednesday our mentors hold live workshop breaking down past trades and highlighting possible setups. These sessions offer the opportunity for the group to come together. 

  • 200+page Technical Analysis Booklets;
    This is the booklet that runs along side the 'Complete Guide To Forex Course'. This booklet breaks down the technical analysis tools the Alpha team uses daily to analyse the market. 

Our 'Community Passes' are designed give everyone the opportunity to get an inside view to how we operate at Alpha Trading Group. 

As a member of our community you will receive; 

Added Bonuses; 
As a VIP member you will receive a dedicated mentor who will guide your journey. Ever 2 weeks you will receive a 1-1 coaching session with your mentor. These sessions offer you the opportunity to dive in at the deep end.

During your coaching sessions you will cover a range of technical analysis tools, our trading strategies as as well as live back testing. Your mentor will also be available outside of your coaching sessions to aid you in any questions or queries that you may have.  

1-1 Coaching Session
1 hr