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Sean Lennox founded Alpha Trading Group in 2019 specialising in Forex investing and education. Based in the heart of Newcastle, England we thrive within the busy atmosphere.

The aim is to provide a world-class service to all of our students. We are a team of like minded people who love what we do and we aim to share it with the world. We have designed a wide range of products for everyone who is looking to invest or learn. Our products cater for all ranges of traders making sure we can offer at least one of our services, so you don't miss out.​​​


Patience is a virtue in this game.If you work hard with patience and persistence, there will be no room for failure. As a company, we want to create an unstoppable community to dominate the markets as one. Join today.

Start Your Trading Journey The Right Way, The Alpha Way.
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We have a large network of personable mentors, educators and prominent figures in the financial world.  This network enables people to learn in a friendly environment - just how we like it.


We'll teach you how to read, analyse and trade.  Our services help you develop into a consistent trader, whilst embedding skills to give you that profitable edge.


Our 2.0 trade copier offers a hands free way of investing, with a minimum investment of £1,000 you can link your trading account to our trading. Our system will open, close and manage trades on your behalf. 

1-1 support

You'll be assigned a friendly mentor with vast market experience.  They'll help you take your trading to the next level, whatever your goals and objectives are.


We help with forecasting and recapping the weeks trading.  You'll be able to ask questions with the team and see some of our trades.


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Step By Step Learning

Over 200 Pages Of Learning Material 

Weekly Group Sessions

Three Proven Market Strategies 

Unlimited access to PREMIUM community support

Trade setups & trader support

And Don't Forget To  Download Your Investment  Brochure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need lots of money to start?

No, you don't need anything to start. Excluding your monthly fee to us, you wont need any added funds to start learning. We always you recommend that you learn in a demo account until you fell confident then when you are ready add live funds. 

Do I need lots of free time?

Trading does not need to be a full time job- We have developed our own strategies designed to fit around the working life. However, it does require dedication and concentration.

Can I cancel my mentorship subscription?

Yes.  You can cancel anytime.  We don't offer any refunds on purchased subscriptions.  We don't think you'll want to cancel because we have some staggering results from our students!

How much support will I receive?

At  Alpha Trading Group we pride our selves in providing our clients with an exceptional service. Our programmes are personal and  and you will always receive our full support .

Is my money safe?

Like any investments there is always a risk. However, with the correct education you can learn how to minimise the amount of risk you are taking when you are trading. Risk management should be a solid foundation of any treader. 

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