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At Alpha Trading Group we offer an unparalleled form of investing. We Prove how consistent we are by allowing you to mirror our trades. Our specialist software allows you to link your trading account to our master account. The fully automated system allows us to open, closes and manage trades on your behalf. This offers a totally hands free service to our investors, creating an additional passive income.

Our advanced trading technology allows you to stay in control at all times, once you have created the account it will begin trading immediately. All of our accounts are controlled by a balance to equity ratio, simply put you can top up or withdraw your funds at any time. All we ask is that you give us notice first. At no point do Alpha Trading Group have access to add or withdraw your funds at any time. 

Our Fees

Our fee comes from the growth of your investment. We charge a flat 25% performance fee at the end of every month. We get paid when you make money. 

Customer Support  

We provide a friendly costumer support system. You will be given a dedicated account manager, that will assist  you with any queries you may have. 

Risk Management 

Risk management is very important to us. All accounts are monitored every hour, this is to ensure that our software is running at its optimal efficiency.



Our unique balance to equity ratio system allows you to capitalise from compound interest. As your account equity increases the system will begin to adjust to this change accordingly.

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129% ROI

In 2020

11.% ROI

Last Month

54% ROI

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