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Being a trusted partner of Alpha Trading Group can see you earn a significant monthly income from your marketing skills. 

Whether you have a large social media platform or have a traffic driven website, we can work together to create a package that could see you earning substantial monthly commissions as well as the options for a residual monthly income.

Why Be A Partner ?

Trusted Brand - Our head office is located in the heart of the north east with a dedicated team to ensure you have the best possible start to your trading journey. We are not just an online education based company, we also offer face to face training. With a growing student base we are confident in the service we provide, we deliver the highest possible stranded of forex education to all students.

Full Support - Our Marketing team will help you with your campaign. We will provide you with any graphics, images, emails and videos etc to ensure your campaign generates exposure.

Monthly Payouts - Each month you will receive a pay out based on your performance.  Different products have different levels of commission, all commission details can be discussed with a member of the team before hand to ensure you are happy. 

Growing Industry - It has never been easier to trade forex, the industry is changing and every day people are now able to take part in a market that trades 5 trillion daily. With us we will ensure that students will have noting but the best. 

Growing Community - The Alpha brand is growing, we have students in South Africa, USA, Europe and the Middle East. Why not be a part of a growing brand, we are always looking for new partners to help expand the brand. 

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